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Welcome To April! How did we get here so fast? April is Stress Awareness Month. In this issue, you will find easy ways to manage your stress so you can lead a calmer, more beautiful and balanced life.

April also is the precursor to so many upcoming celebrations. Mother’s Day, graduation and prom are all fast approaching. Not to mention April welcomes spring in full force.

We are extra excited this month because we have a new and refreshed newsletter to share with you. You will still find great promotions, but we’ve added some additional features. The goal is to give the medi spa e-zine a purpose and provide you with great value!

See you soon!

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Awaken Your Eyes From The Winter Blues


Get A Youthful, Vibrant and Healthy Look

It's time to brighten back up those eyes in time for spring! Is the skin around your eyes looking tired, crepey or rough? Are you in need of some serious TLC?

Purchase this intensive eye treatment bundle and receive:

•Series of 3 Microneedling treatments on the entire crow’s feet and under eye area
FREE Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream 

($112 Value)
•Qualify for $20 OFF 5ml Latisse by signing up!

You will be on your way to a total eye

area transformation!

Remember Mother's Day is May 13th

This is the day you get to spoil your mom (or grandma, or sister) the way she deserves it! You should do it throughout the year, but on May 13th you’re semi-obligated. After all, she changed your diapers, potty-trained you (no easy feat), and still loved you through all your teenage years. The true gift of a mother, though, is that she loves you unconditionally.

I guess what we’re trying to say is, YES, mom deserves a spa day. So, act now! Oh, and if you want to take advantage of this for yourself? We won’t tell anyone!


Purchase $125 Gift Card and receive a $25 Gift Card FREE!


Daily Power C+


Best Sellers

There are so many reasons we recommend a high potency Vitamin C for your daily skin care routine. Benefits of this product include:


• Increased suppleness
• Reduced pore size
• Reduced wrinkle area and expression lines
• Brightened appearance
• Lightens hyperpigmentation
• Strongest antioxidant - Protects your skin against environmental damage, halting the aging process

* New formulation prolongs the potency of the L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to maintain maximum effectiveness through the life of the product. No more turning brown!

April Self-Care Tip: Positive Self Image


This is the stuff we talked about in middle school/junior high, right? So, why is it that we still tear ourselves down? Purchasing a Gift Card will help you lift yourself up, think positively and let go of negative feelings.

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Behind the Scenes. It’s a beautiful relaxing day at the spa.


Every single one of us has different types of skin challenges. Whether you are dealing with acne, an excess of oil, red and chapped skin, or even a combination of all of the above, you might not know about a secret weapon. The chemical peel has been offered by medi spas for years and what was formerly thought to be a celeb privilege, is now very much mainstream.

These are the five benefits that can resolve some of your most stubborn skin challenges:

1. Skin and skincare products look and work better. When a tired layer of old, dead skin is banished, it’s surprising what the healing powers of the skin can do! Not only is the skin queued up to begin to produce more collagen and other skin-loving chemicals, but the products that you use actually penetrate and you get to reap the results!

2. Chemical peels have gone custom. When chemical peels first hit the medi spa scene, a huge concern about hyperpigmentation arose. Now, we know that chemical peels can contain different strengths of ingredients to better address dark spots, sloughing, and even localized areas of concern. You can wade into the pool and figure out what combination and potency work best for you.  

3. Introducing an acne treatment. Not only can chemical peels eliminate acne, but the scars resulting from bouts of acne can be softened as well. Unclog pores, extract blackheads, and make damage less visible. Another awesome bonus is that the properties in the chemical peel linger in your pores and so you receive a longer-lasting defense against skin offenders. Laser treatments are not as effective in creating lasting results, so you want to consider your options carefully.

4. Lose those dark undereye circles for good ... maybe. Well, we have to add in the disclaimer because everyone and every skin type behaves differently. But we have noticed that even the darkest undereye circles start to brighten up after even one treatment. If one won’t do it, results have been promising for multiple chemical peels.

5. Finally, melasma control! When the sun creates dark spots on your skin, you won’t have to look any further for the resolution than a chemical peel! As mentioned in tip 3, lasers may temporarily diminish the darkness, but a chemical peel wards off recurring spots in a far superior fashion.

If you’ve been weighing the benefits of a chemical peel, we hope this article has illuminated your options. And of course, we would love to talk to you about any remaining questions. Or, if you’re ready, give us a call and schedule your chemical peel ASAP.


This recipe hits a home run in the book. With 36 grams of protein and 365 calories per serving, it’s going to keep you full all afternoon. You get the bonus omega-3s from the walnuts and antioxidants from the dried cranberries.


See you soon at Madison Skin Specialists

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