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Goblins, ghosts, ghouls, oh my! Halloween is around the corner but there is so much to be excited for in October. Pumpkin everything and International Coffee Day just happens to go hand in hand with World Vegetarian Day on the first! Coffee is a bean, after all! We also welcome basketball and hockey back to the calendars, and sit not-so-patiently through nine innings of the World Series. October also marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so please take time to get checked (this includes men!) and remind your friends.

Historically, Germans called October Wein-mond, meaning wine month, and we fully intend to celebrate this history. Cheers!

See you soon at the medi spa!


Be Part Of The Solution


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Reserve a treatment this month and purchase a retail product, and we will DONATE 10% of the revenue to the Breast Cancer Foundation!

Look better and feel better! What a great combination!


Body Contouring And Sculpting Will Give You Confidence!

Eat well, exercise, and still have stubborn fat or cellulite that won’t go away? Body contouring and sculpting can remove inches and nip in those areas of the body where fat just won’t budge. Begin the holiday season looking better than ever!

Purchase body contouring or body sculpting and receive a $100



Also, reserve your complimentary consultation now to find out more on amazing multiple treatment discounts!


Take 10 Minutes Every Night To Pamper Your Skin

Make your skin a priority and you’ll notice a change within a couple of short weeks. Plus, being intentional feels good. It’s a relaxing and refreshing way to end your evening, scrubbing the day from your face and starting anew at night. Skin care is an act of reinvigorating self-love and we can all use more of that!

No disrespect to cardio, but if you want to get healthy inside and out, strength training is the ticket. We aren’t talking about 5 pound kettlebells either. No, this is heavy, time-to-kick-some-booty weights. Strength training is a major winner for many reasons beyond just burning fat. We’ve compiled a list below:

1. Burn More Body Fat
Lifting weights benefits your body for hours after your workout because your metabolism stays elevated for several hours, causing you to burn more calories and fat. A recent Harvard Public Health study found that lifting weights significantly reduced belly fat in the men who participated. It also mentioned the importance of including strength training in your aerobic exercise to burn fat more effectively. A University of Alabama study found the same to be true for women. Those who lifted weights lost more deep belly fat than those who just did cardio.

2. More Defined Muscles
It’s a misconception that if women lift heavy weights, their muscles will bulk up like a man’s. This just isn’t true, primarily because women have low testosterone levels. One of the benefits of lifting heavy is that it will define your muscles. Embrace those weights and don’t be afraid to show off your strength!
3. Heart Healthy
According to a study by The National Strength and Conditioning Association, "Resistance exercise shows many favorable cardiovascular benefits and should therefore be considered as part of a daily exercise training program." And there are long-term pluses, too! Strength training lowers blood pressure, for starters.



4. Prevent Injury
As we enter the 30s and beyond, injury is a common hindrance to completing a consistent workout regimen. However, weight training could change that for you. Strengthening and utilizing the muscles surrounding your joints will strengthen the joints themselves and will help prevent injuries. Amazing, right? Lift weights; help joints. Remember, stretching is important before strength training, too!

5. Strengthen Your Bones
Are you scratching your head at all the areas of your body that strength training affects? The best part is it isn’t too good to be true. Weight training builds not only your muscles but your bones, too. In fact, each time you lift weights, your bones create more cells to facilitate bone growth and health. This is massively important to women over 50 who need to build their bone mass.
6. Feel Good
Being strong feels good and will boost your self-confidence. Lifting weights empowers you. Use that power in other areas of your life! Work it!
Don’t wait around for New Year’s resolutions. Start weight training today. You don’t need a fancy gym or even expensive equipment. Start with a few weights. Look online for specific workouts. You could even work with a personal trainer to get started. The key is to get moving. But before you undertake any new exercise regimen, especially one that is so intense, check with your doctor to get the all-clear.

See you on the bench press!


Nothing says fall quite like soup, and we’re having a love affair with squash soup. This one is so healthy and so delicious!


See you soon at Madison Skin Specialists!

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